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    Glad to hear from you! Will be praying for the physical therapy!

    Sent you an email about your trip!

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    Lisa Myers

    Dr Arend said if there are still cancer cells showing in my scan, I might have done brachytherapy. She said she’s not a big fan of radiation. I’m hoping it’s not necessary as it looks like sometimes bowel problems can pop up after radiation.

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    Margret Riboch

    Dear Lisa
    Do you will have radiotherapy after chemo?
    Greatings from Switzerland Margret

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    Lisa Myers

    Hi Ann!
    Sorry I haven’t replied for a while. Felt pretty bad after my last chemo, but thank goodness it’s over now!! Now, I’m praying for a clear scan on June 26!
    How did your scan go? I think you said June for your next scan?
    So, we leave on July 27. We’re staying at the Ft Knox Air Force campgrounds that night and on July 28, we will be going to the Lexington Horse Museum and then to Church Hill Downs for dinner and simulcast betting! Leaving on July 29 for Waco TX. I’m a fan of Fixer Upper!
    I started physical therapy this week to try to regain some strength for our trip. The pain has been so bad I’ve been very inactive.
    Hope you are doing well!
    My email is lisa5391@outlook.com
    You can email me and maybe we can meet up the evening of July 27 or somewhere on the 28th
    If that doesn’t work out, I’d love to continue emailing with you. I have trouble logging on to GCS Project from my phone.
    I think I told you about the MMMT survivors group on Facebook. It’s a wonderful source for support and encouragement if you do FB!

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    Good news!! Only one more treatment to go!! Actually, UAB is only 3 hours from me, but I know that time is precious as you wait for results. I have a scan and exam on June 3-4. I always get anxious as the time draws near!

    I will check with my family and see how the July date works for them! I have already told them I was hoping to meet you. They were very supportive of my coming and my reason for coming!!

    Look forward to hearing that you are finished with this round of treatments!!


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    Lisa Myers

    Hi Anne,
    Yesterday was my 5th treatment! One more to go. I e also been getting shots in my knees for the arthritis. Hoping for some relief! The knee pain from the chemo is with me all the time now, not just a couple days after chemo. I take Percocet more than I’d like but it’s the only thing to relieve the pain! I have been working a couple weeks a month. Usually can’t work at all the week after chemo. I come home and take a Percocet and ice my knees and feel a little better!
    My scan and check up with Dr Arend st UAB is June 26. I sure hope the carboplatin is doing the job and I’m clear!
    Our trip is scheduled for July 27 and I think we’ll be in Lexington on July 29. I’ll double check with my husband!!
    Hope all is well with you!!

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