Diagnosis and Treatment with Dr. Marcela del Carmen (Part 7) [VIDEO]

Patient/advocate Diane Redington and Dr. Marcela del Carmen discuss diagnosis and treatment of gynecological carcinosarcoma (MMMT). This is part seven of a nine-part series. Dr. Marcela del Carmen discusses how gynecological carcinosarcoma is different than ovarian or uterine cancers. It is very important to get an accurate diagnosis from an … Continue reading Diagnosis and Treatment with Dr. Marcela del Carmen (Part 7) [VIDEO]

Research Findings in Carcinosarcoma: Interview with Dr. Whitfield Growden

The following transcript is from an interview between Dr. Whitfield Growdon (MDC), a leading GYN Oncological Surgeon from Mass General Cancer Center in Boston and Diane Redington (DR), a woman with a Gynecological Carcinosarcoma (GCS) who is seeking to motivate researchers to advance the science and uncover knowledge about carcinosarcoma and find a cure for this cancer. This interview discusses diagnosis and treatment of MMMT.

10 Facts About MMMT Cancer

The story of MMMT cancer is not a simple one. To start, the name “MMMT” is being replaced with the term “Carcinosarcoma”. While “Carcinosarcoma” is now considered standard, MMMT (or Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumor) has a lengthy history within gynecological literature and is expected to continue to be used. MMMT is … Continue reading 10 Facts About MMMT Cancer