What Inspires Hope?

What inspires hope? For many of us battling this beast called MMMT (or, GCS), hope comes in many forms as a result of small victories.  Here at the GCS Project, we are celebrating a HUGE victory! We have raised close to $200,000 for research dedicated totally to finding treatments and cures for this cancer.

Raising $300,000 this Holiday Season

Our initial goal is to raise $300,00 and we are almost 2/3 to the goal. Much of the funding has come from my family and friends, but we are starting to see generous donations from women and families of women with GYN Carcinosarcoma. Each donation makes a significant difference to find a cure for our cancer. Thank you for your support.

Help Spread the Word

The GCS Project is the sole organization, led by patients and volunteers, that is funding the only current research for GYN Carcinosarcoma.  So how can you help?  Help us spread the word, ask your network to spread the word of our work through our website and Facebook page – TheGCSProject. Most importantly, if you can, please consider a tax deductible donation.  

We have been overwhelmed by the support for this cause and want to thank everyone. Let’s keep this momentum going and find a cure! Thank you.

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