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Hi Margaret,

My name is Marianne. I was diagnosed in September 2019, had total hysterectomy in Oct., then started my first round of chemo on Nov. 15. Total of 6 rounds, every 3 weeks apart. Learned recently about radiation treatment will be 5X week for 5 weeks for external pelvic, with additional internal (vaginal) radiation – about 2 visits for that. I live in Boston and am being treated at Dana Farber and Brigham and Women’s hospital. Lucky to have great resources like that, but still feel in the dark about this whole prognosis and journey ahead. Right now the doctors are trying to determine best time to schedule radiation treatments, either midway of the 6 chemo infusions, or after they are completed. I am waiting to hear their recommendation. In the meantime,feeling quite good and back to my 4 day work week.
Hope to continue comparing notes! Glad I found this resource.:)