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Hi. My wife was diagnosed with MMMT Ovarian Cancer in February 2017. Full Hysterectomy followed by 6 mos of Carboplatin/Taxol. Cancer free for 8 mos after completion of chemo. In late 2018 her regularly scheduled CT showed more cancer on her spleen, which was removed followed up by another 6 mos of carboplatin/Doxil. After completion of round two, her doctor, Dr. Oliver Dorigo of Stanford University Hospital Started her on a new medicine called Nariparib. It is a PARP inhibitor which if it works as we hope, turns of the self repairing strand of the cancer DNA causing any remaining cancers to die, and any new cancers to be unable to grow and also die. She has been on the PARP inhibitor for 5 mos now, and has had some reactions to the meds requiring modifications of the dosage until they find the right one. 300mg caused her platelets to crash low enough that she needed to be transfused, 200mg allowed her platelets to recover, but her red blood and hemoglobin started to fall to the point of needing another transfusion to stabilize. Now she is on 100mg dosage daily and seems so far to be tolerating it. Dr Dorigo has a few patients on PARP who are doing quite well (one is at the five year mark). however they have carcinoma’s, not the carcino-sarcoma that MMMT is. Has anyone else heard of this type of treatment for MMMT? Any known results to date? I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. If not could the moderator please move it to where it should be? Thanks

Rick and Diana Stein