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María Santamaría

Dear Ann, Margret and Charmaine,

Sorry for not showing up in such a long time. My silence during this long period was dued to the worsening of my mother health, specially from September on. She finally died at the end of January and I have been through a dreadful period since then. I am not going to go in depth on details but I would like to mention that, once my mother had no solutions, doctors washed their hands of her. It is something I am not going to forget in my whole life. It was me who had to search for palliative care for her.
In any case now I am starting to feel as coming out to the world and get in touch with those who did something for me. First of all I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for all your support, your prayers and your positive energy. Even though the situation for me and my mother could not be worse, I always had in mind this forum and CSC forum where many women with the same problem have been so generous to share their experiences while encouraging others. It is an enormous proof of altruism and inspirational example. Thank you all.
Then I would also like to thank to the CGS Project all the information I got. In my country, Spain, has been literally imposible to find the counterpart of this Project so, as you might guess, the information I could obtain came exclusively from USA. For this reason, now that I feel stronger and want to do something to defeat this disease, I want to be part of this Project. My idea is to help to translate the website into Spanish for the Hispanic world (all Latin America, part of USA and Spain). I am sure that many women and their relatives from those countries are so lost as I was because they cannot get information from anywhere. Please, if you know the person in charge of this website let her/him know that I am more than willing to work with them. I am aware that my mother is not coming back, but I can look at other side while this rare disease is taking away the life of such wonderful women as my mother´s.
Charmaine, I agree with you regarding the reluctancy to speak about gynecological cancer. But is it also true that GCS is very destructive, my mother had a good prognosis but eventually it ended up very badly. We need more resources and more researching to eradicate it: making noise, rising awarness and fundraising money. By the way, how are you doing lately? Please, don´t stop posting your updating news, I love to read them.
I have also noticed that the forum is not as lively as it should be. I also want to commit myself to put my part to bring it to life and revitalise it. We need to share as much experiences and information as we could. Let´s try to be more active. I definitely will be.
Margret… since we are the few non-English speakers here I have been thinking of you a lot. Sorry if I was not able to communicate with you but I would really appreciate to know how is your mother going. Please, give us a brief summary of you both. Send you all the courage of the world and, if you need any support, I am here to support you. The same for you, Charmaine.

For those of you who normally pray, please, do it for my mother. She was 74 years old and she was a great and lively person who did all she could to survive. My heart is now empty without her. She deserves this little tritube.

A huge kiss from sunny Spain