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Hello Kathy (and Carol) – I was just diagnosed July 1 ironically the day I qualified for medicare. Happy Birthday! I had a radical hysterectomy on 7/16 and although they had anticipated finding a tumor outside of the uterus, the pathology is clear that it was contained within and is Stage 1. I am in Portland Oregon and although I believe my gyn oncology surgeon is very capable, I have developed a short list of referrals for a 2nd opinion before commencing on the recommended chemo and brachy radiation. Since Dr Birrer now has a much bigger job at Univ of Alabama will he really be available for a deep dive look at my records to evaluate alternative options? That is my only hesitation thus I had though Marcella Del Carmen might be more appropriate. I have appreciated this website and am eternally grateful to Diane for making this investment for those of us traveling on this path. Where can I find a list of other options or do you still recommend Dr Birrer as the best? I am specifically looking for alternative therapies since I have not been able to find the statistics to back up a chemo regimen though it seems to be the standard of care. Thanks so much for any help or direction you might be able to provide. Karen