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Bless you for starting this project since it has been a godsend of information for me as I help my life partner (Karin) navigate her treatment options. She had a tumor removed last week in her left pelvis that developed towards the end of of 18 weeks of Carbo/Taxol after a full Hysterectomy in early February 2017 (we will share her full story soon).

She is currently being treated at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and her tumor samples are being sent today to Foundation Medicine for Genetic Testing. While we wait on the testing results (I’ve been told 4-5 weeks), we are aggressively seeking second opinions for her next treatment options. We are scheduled to see Dr. Robert Coleman at MD Anderson in Houston next week and I contacted UAB this morning to schedule an appointment with Dr. Birrer that is pending.

Based on your experience and clinical knowledge can you offer any other opinions/options that we should consider? Also, I just posted information about using IBM Watson for treatment planning and I am curious of your thoughts on that as well since what I have read so far is encouraging.

I hope that you continue to feel and do well. I can not thank you and your family enough for starting this initiative. Moving forward, I am committed to help drive our friends and family to the GCS Project for donations to this research on GCS.

Thank you, Stephanie and Karin