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Thanks so much for your time and effort with this initiative. Unfortunately, I too was recently diagnosed (8/17/17) with Uterine MMMT (at age 56). I was initially diagnosed with cancer at the emergency room and learned only after my full hysterectomy surgery (8/30/17) that there was both cervical and peri lymph node involvement. My treatment has been a whirlwind. I feel things have moved so quickly that I really should have anticipated how rare and aggressive this cancer is. I am trying to stay focused but have been just devastated by how little positive information there is out there. I am blessed with the best possible medical team I could hope for (Dr. Victoria Bae-Jump, UNC Gyn/Oncology Womens Hosp in NC) and am 100% confident in their treatment plan. I begin 6 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin chemotherapy on 9/28 and I believe they want to follow that with some type of radiation. I know treatment has come a long way I just wish there was more “recent” info and stats on MMMT. This initiative is a really good place to share our experiences, successes and even failures in hopes of helping everyone get the best possible treatment and outcome available at this time! Thanks again! Susan