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Hello my name is Lin. I was 60 yrs old when I was diagnosed with Uterine Carcinosarcoma November 2015. I was misdiagnosed as having a Fibroid 2 months prior to that, and was only properly diagnosed when I sought out a different OB/GYN for a partial hysterectomy 2 months later.

Upon dx, I was immediately referred to MD Anderson in Jacksonville. 2 weeks later I had Robotic surgery to remove cervix and stage disease. I was fortunate to be staged as 1A. Still underwent 6 rounds of preventive Chemo. In April 2018, I will arrive at the 2 year mark since last treatment cancer free. Just had 6 month PET 2 weeks ago, all clear.

Some of the adjuvent treatments I initiated on my own, thru researching on the web include Curcumin (Healthysource.com) – I take 4 capsules daily split between breakfast and bedtime. Started this the day after diagnosis, all thru Chemo and now. have neve missed a day. Also, MD Anderson MD put me on Metformin twice daily. I am not diabetic, but was told recent studies show Metformin reduces chance of recurrence. I abstain from smoking and alcohol. Also eat TONS of green leafy veggies – Kale, spinach, and blueberries, blackberries. I try to abstain from any sugars or foods with excess sugars. Of course fruit contains sugar but the fiber mediates the sugar spikes. Cancer feeds on sugar. At first I eliminated meat from my diet, but found that resulted in not enough protein and muscle loss. So I have added in small amounts of chicken to maintain protein levels. Also do Yoga and have downloaded meditation app (15-30 mins per day) to alleviate stress and worry. I pray for all of us and hope this info helps.