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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone considered or had experience in using the testing offered by Quest Diagnostics for treatment plan(s) and comparison of second opinions?


Additional information from brochure in link

What is Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics? Watson Genomics is ground-breaking cancer diagnostics that combines: Quest’s state-of-the-art tumor analysis, IBM Watson’s cognitive computing, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s expertise, with Research support from The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Which patients may benefit from this test? Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics is for cancer patients with a solid tumor, and may especially benefit patients with: Certain rare tumor types, Tumors of unknown primary origin, Metastatic or locally advanced cancer, Tumors with no actionable mutations found through guideline-driven testing

How the test works 1. Quest Diagnostics analyzes the genetic mutations of your patient’s tumor biopsy. 2. IBM Watson compares the mutations against leading science and therapies. 3. Quest medical experts review, validate, and report the results to you with insight into personalized, targeted treatment options and clinical trials that may be appropriate. 4. You and your patient develop a targeted treatment plan that is tailored to him or her.

Thank you, Stephanie and Karin