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Thank you Heather for your response, I admire your positive attitude more than you can imagine!!!
I am sure it plays huge role in our fight against this mysterious type of cancer.

Yes, Dr. Conrad-Rizzo sent my blood and pathology tissue samples for genetic testing; the results did not come back yet.
Also, yesterday at my chemo appointment, she referred me to a geneticist at Sibley Hospital in Washington DC.

Also, just in case, there are two genetic tests approved by FDA in 2017:

FDA approved of MSK-IMPACT™. The test was developed by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Pathology to look for genetic mutations and other alterations in patients’ tumors.
MSK-IMPACT, which stands for integrated mutation profiling of actionable cancer targets, has been used to analyze the tumors of people with advanced cancer being treated at MSK since January 2014. It is based on a technology called high-throughput next-generation sequencing. This means the most critical parts of the cancer genome — the complete string of DNA “letters” in a cell — can be profiled very quickly and with great sensitivity. When the test was first developed, it looked for alterations in 341 cancer-associated genes. Today, it looks for alterations in 468 genes. These alterations may be seen in both common and rare cancers.

Abnormal DNA mismatch test: