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Reply To: Beyond belief!

Brenda R

No, this is not acceptable, but I believe the problem may be with Washington University’s policy rather than Dr. Powell. I also was told that another lady had the same problem with his office a couple years ago, and never got to see him.
I consider my self fortunate, in that when I related this to my current GYN Oncologist, she said that she knew Dr. Powell, and would call him herself. Thankfully, because of her, they have decided to change my Chemo to Ifos, and I’m waiting for my insurance to approve it.

However, I don’t give his office a pass on this, and it should be addressed. Had my current Oncologist not known him personally, I would not have had the benefit of his input. I do hear he is a good, and kind doctor, but his office staff (or at least the one I talked to) needs to be coached on compassion. I was told by the lady that I talked to that ” if they did this for one person, they’d have to do for everyone”, meaning accept self pay. Please understand this was only a request to set an appt. for a consultation, and not for him to be my Oncologist, as I know my insurance would not cover him.
However, I don’t see how the doctors in the GCS group are going to find out about us GYN Carcinosarcoma patients, and gather information, if we are unable to even confer with one of them.

Thanks. I am sure that my Oncologist took this up with him too, although I hope you will follow up, and please let me know what he says.
Brenda Rogers