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Reply To: Beyond belief!


Hi Brenda,
I was able to talk with Dr Powells office at length about your experience. You are right the problem is with Washington University policy. I talked with Dr Powells nurse Tracey and the practice manager Tina Caruso. They were very apologetic and will be relaying your experience to Dr. Powell.They currently have a team looking into all the insurance issues affecting their patients. They know this is a huge problem and are trying to come up with solutions. This doesn’t make things any easier for you and other patients with such a devastating diagnosis. Tina assured me she will be coaching and retraining their schedulers. She will also make them aware of the GCS project.We are so sorry that you had such a bad experience. The GCS team is committed to following up and hopefully making this process run much smoother.Tina Caruso the practice manager gave me her number and asked that I have you call her directly to see what else she can do to help. Her number is 314 747 3609. Also, if you would like to call me you can email me at hawej27@gmail and I can give you my number and we can talk. I was with my sister for the last 3 years. We went to almost every major cancer center in the country. We met with many experts.If I can answer any questions or help in any way I would be happy to do this and would love to talk with you about this.Again, I am so sorry for your experience and know this is the last thing you need right now. Wishing you all the best. Jayne Hawe (Dianes sister)