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Hi Paule,
Thanks for joining the Forum. I hope that you are doing well. It is a very scary diagnosis. Some things to keep in mind – you should be treated by practitioners that have MUCH experience with this rare disease (and not seeing just a few cases a year). It’s important to get a second opinion by meeting another expert in person who can examine you, review your test results, and so on.

Sometimes the usual treatment that is offered doesn’t work, as some tumors are resistant to the therapy. This is when it is especially vital to have an expert on your team. Please take some time to watch the interviews with experts on our website. They discuss current treatments, the need to advocate for yourself, and the need for more focus (researchers with money to do the research!) on carcinosarcoma. It’s good news that your disease was caught so early! Diane would have told you to keep your spirits up (ignoring the statistics), keep your family or friends with you to help you advocate for the best care and embrace everyday!
All the best,