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Hello again,

Please share with your physician that our physician consultants note that they almost always recommend 6 cycles of carboplatin/paclitaxel without radiation as the first line for patients with carcinosarcoma – both uterine and ovarian.

Dr. Arend, one of our physician consultants, has provided several articles for you to share with your physician. These include:
1) The NCCN guidelines – the guidelines include treatment for “carcinosarcoma of the endometrium,” although they are sometimes a bit confusing to follow.

2) A copy of a paper by Dr. Rebecca Arend, which reviews advanced endometrial cancer, but it does not include carcinosarcoma.

3) A recent review of the literature on carcinosarcoma.

I have added all three articles to the website under “Resources.”

I hope that you are doing well and that this information is helpful.

All the best,