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Josie Hueni

I was diagnosed with the MMMT tumor Sept. 2017. I had a complete hysterectomy and resection colon above rectum. The surgery lasted 10 hours and he “picked” out everything else that he could see. My CA125 was 143 before surgery and dropped to 90 before Chemo. Carboplatin/Paclitaxel was the recommended first line of defense and I started 1 month after surgery. I
took turkey tail, melatonin, D3, Omega 3, CoCurcumin, and massive amounts of water. I held cold water bottles in my hands and rolled cold bottles on my feet during infusion. I had no neuropathy. My side effects lasted form day 3-5 after infusion. (Knee pain, occasional rash and constipation) My last cycle was end of Feb. and CA125 dropped to 6. I was thankful and trilled but of course the beast came back 2 months later! CA125 is 184. They are ready to start round 2 of the same chemo as they felt it was working the first time. My age is 64.