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I am so sorry that the beast came back. the good news I hope, is that another round of chemo will keep it at bay and give you time. But you are right to call this cancer a beast. I was diagnosed last August actually hoping for a cure as was a stage 1B. the carboplatin/taxol did not work for me and it came back with a vengeance to my lungs. I have been on ifosfamide and will be getting the ever so frightening scan tomorrow to see if that chemo may give me time.
Will let the people on this site know my outcome and please stay with us and do the same. We can hope and pray and please know that you have a friend on this site!
Btw…I have been twice on taxol. (had breast cancer in 2015) and the 2nd treatment actually seemed to cure my neuropathy from the 1st time… how crazy is that????