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Hi Josie,
I’m sorry to hear that the cancer returned and so quickly. It is a beast, for sure. Glad that you found us and reached out to our community. I see that you found Diane’s post from Feb 2018 in which she outlined the treatments she received. This and other posts from our community can clue you in to what you may expect to receive. Everyone is different – Diane’s cancer was “platinum-resistant,” meaning carboplatin wasn’t effective, so her treatment was changed right away to ifosfamide.

We can’t give medical advice, but we strongly urge you to build your medical team with experts who have “deep experience” in carcinosarcoma (meaning that the physician treats many women with this disease and not just a handful a year). Diane found this with Dr. Birrer. There are others, of course (we’ve listed a few on our website). Talk to your gynecologic oncologist and ask how many cases of carcinosarcoma he/she treats. It’s hard to advocate for yourself when trying to deal with the disease, but it’s so important to fight for yourself and build a team to fight with you!

Keep in touch.

Kathy Wilt, Ph.D, M.S.N., R.N
Secretary, GCS Project Board of Directors