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Alicia Buckingham

Hi Betty:

Have you had a second opinion on radiation? I would recommend doing so, especially from a doctor who specializes in GCS. My mother had radiation right after her hysterectomy, and about 4-5 years later, one of her ureters had become constricted, causing bleeding while urinating. She had to have a stent put in place (and changed every 3 months), and the doctors at Yale believe that the constriction was due to the radiation (yes, even years later). In January this year, she was hospitalized for what doctors believed was related to the radiation as well – she had developed a fistula in her bladder and her recturm, causing bleeding and blood clots in her urine again. When she was diagnosed in 2011, there were even fewer doctors specializing in GCS as there are now. Maybe radiation is the best option; though I would definitely recommend a second opinion from a specialist. We worked with Dr. Santin at Yale, and my mother thought very highly of him. Best of luck to you. Stay positive, and never lose hope. Ever. Sending love and prayers your way.

Alicia S. Buckingham