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Hi Michelle and Janet,

Janet, I’m happy to hear that you are doing well! Thank you for sharing your experiences with Michele. Your advice to see a specialist is so important. I recall that early on you were having some trouble finding a gyn surgical oncologist. Where did you go for treatment?

Michele, as Janet said, please seek the care of an expert in GCS/MMMT. There is useful information under the Resource tab that can help you as you are trying to deal with this horrid diagnosis. One item that Diane pulled together is, “Newly Diagnosed, What to Do?” The Resource page also has interviews with our experts. Video #4 with Dr. Growden discusses treatment recommendations depending on stage. (You will find the video and the transcript here: http://gcsproject.org/diagnosis-treatment-gyn-carcinosarcoma-mmmt-dr-whitfield-growden-part-4-video/

All the best to you. Keep in touch.