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Thank you!

Unfortunately I live in Pittsburgh PA so Alabama is far away. I might try Dr Santin at Yale. It’s still a hike.I’m still not sold on western treatment after a bunch of research. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about alternative treatments s my decision would be easier.

I still haven’t made a decision to do chemo. My oncologist said that if it were to come back, it would be untreatable.

Initially he wanted to use carboplatinum and paclitaxel. I was very concerned about the possibility of developing neuropathy. I’m a veterinarian and acupuncturist so tingling or loss of feeling in my fingers would mean I couldn’t work. I’m only 49.
He is now suggesting Ifosfamide. The side effects don’t sound any better, just different. the one that concerns me the most is: Changes in your central nervous system can happen. The central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord. You could have extreme tiredness, agitation, confusion, hallucinations (see or hear things that are not there), trouble understanding or speaking, loss of control of your bowels or bladder, eyesight changes, numbness or lack of strength to your arms, legs, face, or body, and coma.

I have an appointment with a naturopath next week.