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Hi Michelle,

Determining the treatment protocol will be the most important decision you will make. I cannot offer medical advice, but I’d like to share some resources for you. You’ll find videos from our experts discussing the best treatments available, which I encourage you to watch (there are also transcripts included).

The information you shared on Ifosfamide seems to come from the UPMC/Hillman Cancer Center. I’m including some additional information from the NCI. Neither Hillman nor the Natl Library of Medicine, however, lists the frequency of which the side effects occur.
On ifosfamide:

On carboplatin:

On Taxol (paclitaxol):

I encourage you to ask your physician for more specific information on the frequency and severity of the side effects as well as therapies to minimize the CNS symptoms, including neuropathy. The drug inserts for ifosfamide and the other recommended treatments list the frequency in which the side effects have occurred in clinical trials. This is available online. I’ve included the insert for ifosfamide below, which is found by googling “FDA ifosfamide.” You can get this for the other drugs by searching “fda carboplatin,” etc.


As I mentioned, I cannot provide medical advice, but I have my own opinions based on my education, work history and experiences with Diane, whose vision and hard work created this website and initiated research on gyn carcinosarcoma. I think naturopathic/alternative treatments can compliment recommended medical or conventional therapies, but I do not agree that they are a substitute – especially when treating carcinosarcoma.

The following article from the National Cancer Institute, “Forgoing Conventional Cancer Treatments for Alternative Medicine Increases Risk of Death,” discusses this:

I’m a fellow Pittsburgher and would be happy to talk to you about your concerns.

All the best,