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Alicia Buckingham

Hi Michelle:

My mother had neuropathy with some of her treatments (I’d have to look at her records to see if she kept track of which ones). Some treatments side effects were more severe than others. There was a time when she couldn’t use her hands because they were incredibly sensitive. Other times, just numbness in her legs. I’m not sure how often it was, as she was always so positive and rarely complained.

However, based only on what I saw my mother go through, and the reality of the disease, I would agree with Kathy that holistic measures should be a compliment to chemo treatment, not a treatment by itself. Like most cancers, but even more so with GCS, it is incredibly important to be diagnosed early, and to treat aggressively as soon as possible. Realistically, there will be changes in your life because of this diagnosis, physically, and to your daily routine (such as work), but hopefully it will be a while before that happens. In my opinion, your odds will be better the sooner you receive medical (chemo) treatment.

Best of luck to you. I’m glad you are doing research and reaching out on this forum. It is a small community, but we are all here to help and support. Stay connected and stay positive! Hugs from NY. 🙂