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Hello to all… its good to be back on the site.

Michelle, I swear that you asked me how my treatment was ( and is) on ifex.
Now I can’t find the question again!
But I will give you my thoughts anyway, as I have been on both protocols. I started with carboplatin/taxol… had the usual side effects but generally did very well on these drugs. I understand that taxol is an important component to the treatment and I would check with your doctor as to whether he plans at add this even if you choose Ifex. I believe that the neuropathy is more common with the taxol. I was no exception but in my case, the S&S were not intolerable and were temporary. I absolutely did have hand tremors during this treatment and that could have been the carbo but they also subsided after treatment.
Unfortunately, it was found (and not anticipated) that I had metastatic disease while on the carboplatin/taxol. This should not be a factor in your decision as both ifex and carbo/taxol are standard treatments and it’s a bit of a crap shoot for this cancer.
I have tolerated ifex for the 6 rounds and the cancer has been punched in the face, significantly reducing the tumors in my lungs. Again, side effects for me, were doable… not always the case for others. Ifex, a 3 day infusion, with mesna, keeps bladder side effects to the minimum. No hallucinations, encephalopathy or bleeding from the bladder, but enough neuro symptoms that I do not like it!
I read myself going on and on…

both: hair loss, worse with carboplatin/taxol. who cares?
both: can be tolerated short term and s&s are mostly temporary
taxol: most symptoms are temporary but you will be monitored for these effects and dose adjusted.
stage 1A : a gift…some protocols do not incl chemo for this stage… you are 49 and should recover fully… my advice is to do either chemo but go to war with this mmmt. You are in a position to cure!!!

I saw Dr Santin. He was a wonderful and expensive consult… but clearly said to follow the protocol which is always done first. carboplatin, taxol, ifex. You should be cured with this protocol. May the universe bless. Go for cure! then worry!