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Alicia Buckingham


THANK YOU so much for sharing what you are trying, and how it is working. I am on this site because my mother battled GCS for 6.5 years, and I am trying to help when I can, and in whatever way I can, as far as support, and what she went through. I hope that the chemo continues to not give you side effects. I just added the video you shared to my “watchlist” and am looking forward to watching it. It is so important that women share their stories here; share what helps. My mother never had nausea (she thought it had to do with the fact that she also never had morning sickness during her pregnancies – maybe there is science behind that?!). I had started trying to piece together some of my mother’s notes and treatments, but I haven’t gone too far through; it’s still painful each time. I hope to get there someday soon.

I wish you the best of luck with your treatments and battle. I 100% believe that my mother was able to go 6.5 years because of her attitude. She was always smiling. Always had hope. Even when hit with nasty side effects, she thanked her God for the health she DID still have, and for the love of her family that surrounded her. Attitude and HOPE are incredibly important!!

Hugs from Northern NY.