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I missed your post earlier and I sincerely hope this note finds you well with your cancer responding to therapy.
I would expect that you have been put on Ifosfamide as that seems protocol for this cancer.(I use the MD Anderson Protocol at MD/Anderson/Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ.) The details are in “My Story…Denne” but I did also recurred after Carb/Taxol but have been responding to the Ifosfamide for several months now…as did Diane.
If this has worked for you, the problem is that it appears that this cancer seems to find its way around the chemo quite easily we should be looking for other treatment options before IFEX stops working. And I really don’t know where to start!!
I did get the foundation one studies and had a consult with Dr Santin at Yale. No great news at this time … Dr Santin appears to be a brilliant and considerate man. He certainly advised me to use the IFEX before anything else.
So, I write hoping that you are well!!! And if on IFEX please let me know how you are doing on this chemo!
Very Sincerely,
Linda Denne