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Hi Tara,

I can understand your concern. As you’ve experienced with your mum, this is an aggressive cancer, but it is a rare disease.

I shared your question with our experts who confirmed that most cancers are not genetically inherited. One of our physicians notes that she has seen a few rare patients who were BRCA positive, so it would not be unreasonable to suggest that as a daughter you have a “23 and me” type test done.

The American Cancer Society has a discussion on genetic risk and genetic testing that might put you at ease:

Also, Gaynor is right on about the specialists in the UK. You can found the contact info for physicians Ledermann, Mould and McNeish on our website here: http://gcsproject.org/gcs-specialists-by-location/

Keep in touch.
All the best,

Kathy Wilt
The GCS Project Board