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Hi Brenda and Ann,

Thanks for asking about our efforts at The GCS Project. Recently, we had news from the researchers at Mass General and University of Alabama at Birmingham about the research project that we funded with our initial donation of over $300,000. The research teams have completed whole exome and transcriptome data analysis on

    133 tumor tissue samples

! They are now working to combine the 2 sets of data, which is a tedious process. We expect to have the final analysis by summer 2019.

All of this work is directed toward finding a cure for carcinosarcoma. Science needs to have a greater understanding of the tumor, which we hope this first project will unveil.

Regarding a clinical trial – While we are not funding a clinical trial at this time, we are optimistic that the research that we have funded and future research that we hope to be involved in will open a window for treatments. We have learned that clinical trials are extremely expensive, and because of this, they are generally funded by the pharmaceutical company investigating the drug used in the study and/or federal grants.

It is hard to predict, but looking ahead, our role in clinical trials may be supporting other aspects of a trial, as we could not afford to run an entire trial. As anyone who has used chemotherapy or immunotherapy knows, the drugs are thousands of dollars a dose. We will take our next steps under the guidance of our expert physicians who are there to help us as we make our next moves to find a cure.

Just an fyi – I wrote about the research updates on a Facebook post in October and included a link to more detailed info on the website (under the GCS Research tab). You can find it here: http://gcsproject.org/gcs-research-progress/

If you are interested in following us on Facebook, the link is on the bottom of this page.

Finally, our web developer is placing a notice on the front page of the website to make it easier to see new information. I hope that will be completed in a day or two.

All the best,
Kathy Wilt