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I had a stage 1b and it sadly metastasized to my lungs after chemo with carbo and taxol
. In my pathology report, it stated that I had extensive lympho vascular invasion of the uterine wall. I felt that this was an important factor. Look closely at your path report and get chemo if you can. I am doing well at this time on the 2nd line chemo…ifosamide.. it shrunk the tumors and is now stable disease. 1b is definitely questionable as to whether to go forward to chemo. Just get it, if you can and I would ask for a ct scan after 3 months which I wish I would have done.
i feel very well between chemo treatment and have enjoyed life in a big way… I’m glad that the GCS Project is launching a trial. I’m hopeful!
Look carefully at your path report and state in touch.
Linda denne