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Hi, Lisa!! So glad you can take your treatments at home! I think my support group helped me as much as the medicines!!

I went through cheno fairly easily. I was very blessed by that. I did not have the nausea struggles or the joint pain I had been worried about! I did lose my hair – I cried about 15 minutes and then moved on! I did deal with fatigue, but I did what my doctor told me to do – sleep if you want to sleep and don’t worry about it! I was very careful to drink the water they told me to drink. I am not good with keeping up with amounts, so I bought bottled water. I set out the 5 bottles I was to drink a day and just kept drinking until they were gone. I think that I par of what helped me through the chemo – the water.

I did not work during chemo because I am a teacher. My doctor was concerned that I might get sick and children tend to have more illnesses than adults. My first few treatments did not cause me much problems and as soon as the week of isolation (because of immune suppression) was up, I was out and about. I’ve never one to be sitting at home for a long time! As the treatments went by, I let my body tell me when to get out. If I felt tired and vulnerable, I just stayed at home longer.

I did get neuropathy in my feet. Some of that feeling has started coming back – after a year after treatments stopped. I don’t know if I will get it all back or not, but I am thankful for what I am getting back!!

Please keep me posted on how you are doing and know there is people out here listening!