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I, too, recommend seeking another opinion. Dr. Birrer was a great encouragement to me, so try for that video conference if you live too far away to visit him.

I, too, was diagnosed at stage 1A. I went through the chemo, too. My doctor had me get scans every three months for the first six months. He was going to stretch it to six months at that point, but I wanted to continue at three months. I went through the first year getting scans every three months because I wanted to catch that cancer early if it reoccurred! I did those scans for a peace of mind! I had CT scans done all that time. I consulted with my doctor and the people doing the CT scans. They said the scans were spread out enough not to cause problems. Having them every three months was not required by the doctor, but it surely gave me the peace of mind I needed.

Please keep us posted!