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Lisa Myers

Hi Anne,
Yesterday was my 5th treatment! One more to go. I e also been getting shots in my knees for the arthritis. Hoping for some relief! The knee pain from the chemo is with me all the time now, not just a couple days after chemo. I take Percocet more than I’d like but it’s the only thing to relieve the pain! I have been working a couple weeks a month. Usually can’t work at all the week after chemo. I come home and take a Percocet and ice my knees and feel a little better!
My scan and check up with Dr Arend st UAB is June 26. I sure hope the carboplatin is doing the job and I’m clear!
Our trip is scheduled for July 27 and I think we’ll be in Lexington on July 29. I’ll double check with my husband!!
Hope all is well with you!!