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María Santamaría

Dear ladies,

excuse me for not having reply your warm and wonderful messages. As you may know at this point life with cancer take all your energy out from you. As much for the person with the disease as for their caregivers.
Kathy, I have to specially thank to you for the referee from Dr. Birrer, we actually visisted Mr. Martín González and he was great man.
Many things happened since that visit because we have been attending 3 different hospitals, two of our NHS and that private one, but I will try to be short. We visited this doctor in the C.U.Navarra and he offered a surgery to remove the tumor, just if the tumor was localized. We were not very keen on this surgery since the risks were very high, the outcomes not really hopefull (it could easily reproduce) and my mother health condition is a bit fragile. Unfortunately, after a PET-CAT, the tumor seemengly had came out of the cervix and installed also in the liver (to be confirmed yet but almost sure). And this happened in less than 3 months (!!!). Though we were not very keen on the surgery this news fall into us as a cold shower.
At this point we have to see what the next treatment will be… In the NHS we are treated in two hospitals and I don´t know yet what they will offer us. More chemo? I don´t know. Immunotherapy in those places are just used in clinical trials… On the contrary, in the private sector (as the one you have in the USA), since you pay your tests and treatments, you can easily use immunotherapy. But, unfortunately, we cannot afford it and that is the reason we refused to be treated in the C.U. Navarra (sorry Kathy for not using your recommendation).
What can I tell you? We are totally devastated… Nor hope for healing, neither for some deceleration of the disease. Doctors view is so grim that it is difficult to keep some sort of hope for even a chronic condition, as other type of cancers. For them my mother is hopeless… I can see it in their faces and their eyes. I don´t need words. The speedness of this f****** tumor does not hepl either, it is something so outstanding that is difficult to believe.
Sorry for this dark post, wonderful ladies. You deserve light and hope for your lifes, but in mine and in my mother´s there is not room for that lately.
Keep you posted anyway with the coming news on treatments, though.

Thank you all for your support and your words. This site has been the only consolation throughout this period.