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María Santamaría

Dear Ann and Margret,

sorry if I have taken so long for me to respond your comments. I split my dailylife between my job and taking care of my mother, which doesn´t leave me much time nor energy to get online.
Thanks for your words Ann and really sorry for your mother´s disease. You are right when you say that it is horrible just to sit by and see them declining. You feel that it is so unfair that sometimes you just want to shout out loud all that frustration. At this point my mother is suffering more for the chemo´s side effects than for the horrible tumor. She is having vascular problems in her foot, and it is very painful. Honestly, it is desparing. We had more than enough with the bad perspectives,but this is too much to take on.
By reading your words I would like to believe that one day I will find peace and reconcile myself with life. For the moment I just feel myself immersed in an endless nightmare. But coming to this site and to the CSN site has help me a lot. Thank you.
Margret, I dunno what proton therapy is. By what I have googled it seems to be a sort of radiotherapy… I never heard of this in my country but maybe it is used and I don´t know. In any case my mother was rejected from radio/brachy for several reasons.
By the way, how is your mother at this point? Did she have her CT-scan? How is she feeling after the 4 rounds of chemo? It is very positive that you are a nurse, in that way you can help her with medication and alleviate her from surprising circumstances. I know this cause everytime my mother felt badly I called either a friend who is a doctor or another one that is a nurse. Without their advice everything would have seen even worse for her.
I hope that everything goes well for you and your mother. Keep yourself strong and keep us updated of your advancements, please.

A virtual hug for both of you and for all the great people who always reply in this indispensable forums.