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My doctor recommended having one every three months for six months. He then recommended going to six months for two scans After that it was to be once a year. I was not satisfied with that – I did not want that cancer to come back and not get it early. I got CT scans every three months for the first year. I am now getting them done every four months through this second year. I will be at two years in October. I expect to go to the six month scan once I pass 2 years cancer free. Having scans that often has helped my peace of mind which is why I did that. I checked with the doctor and technicians about the radiation. They felt comfortable that I was not getting too much radiation from having the scans so often.

I am not recommending this course – I am just telling you what I did/am doing concerning scans. I chose to have the scans that often for my peace of mind! I do not know what is the right or wrong course concerning scans; I only did what I knew I wanted to do!

Let me know if I can be of any other help!