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Lisa Myers

Hi Ann!
Sorry I haven’t replied for a while. Felt pretty bad after my last chemo, but thank goodness it’s over now!! Now, I’m praying for a clear scan on June 26!
How did your scan go? I think you said June for your next scan?
So, we leave on July 27. We’re staying at the Ft Knox Air Force campgrounds that night and on July 28, we will be going to the Lexington Horse Museum and then to Church Hill Downs for dinner and simulcast betting! Leaving on July 29 for Waco TX. I’m a fan of Fixer Upper!
I started physical therapy this week to try to regain some strength for our trip. The pain has been so bad I’ve been very inactive.
Hope you are doing well!
My email is lisa5391@outlook.com
You can email me and maybe we can meet up the evening of July 27 or somewhere on the 28th
If that doesn’t work out, I’d love to continue emailing with you. I have trouble logging on to GCS Project from my phone.
I think I told you about the MMMT survivors group on Facebook. It’s a wonderful source for support and encouragement if you do FB!