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María Santamaría

Dear Magret and Ann,
Thanks a lot for your support and your words. And let me apologize for the laps of time between your comments and my answers. One of the things that have changed a lot in my life has been the feeling of time passing… I am not concious of how long has passed betweent one even and another. So, sorry.
On my side things have turned into worse and my mother has no treatment at all at this point. There is no prospect of anything in the near future either, even clinical trials. A couple of months ago she started to suffer some painful ulcers in one foot, we don´t know but probably due to problems with circulation cause by chemo, and they are healing extermmely slow. For this reason, the only “option” given by the oncologist was antigiogenics, but they have as a secondary effect the unhealing of wounds. Therefore they are not an option, at least for the moment.
I have tried also to search for clinical trials but, on two of them she has been rejected for not meeting the criteria, and in others I have found there is some chemo involved, which her health condition could not resist (she received a lot of chemo and radiation for a previous cancer).
To sum up, she has been considered a lost cause for doctors… And it make me feel terrible. Up to today I couldn´t tell her that there is not clinical trial available. I keep researching but I cannot hide my lack of hope.
Thanks a lot for sharing your stories and being there just for listening. It is something priceless.
Margret, how is your mum at this point? Please, let us know how things are evolving for her. Did she have the protontherapy? I checked the link you sent me but, as for now, any doctor has mentioned this kind of therapy.

Send you a huge hug to you and to every women and her relatives going through this cancer.