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Margret Riboch

Dear Maria
I can understand you so well! I can’t imagine how to deal the situation if my mum would not have anymore any treatment option. It would be so hard. Today we received the result of the CT of my mum. Fortunately it show any tumor, of course I’m very released, but I’m also conscious that it is only a picture of the moment. Because my mum had two positive paraaortic lymph nodes, they suggested to stop Carboplatin/Taxol after 4 cycles and to start radiotherapy and Cisplatin. I hope it is the write decision. Us you know, I researched also for protontherapy, it would be possible in Heidelberg and in New Jersey. In Heidelberg they have also a trial, APROVE, for ginecological cancer and protontherapy. Unfortunately it is very expensive, about 75000 Dollars. But you could write them, they respond in a few days.
I wish you and your dear mum all the best and peace in heard. I try again and again to give all in the hands of God. I pray that all goes in the best way, even if it’s not like I would wish it, I believe He would guide and help me. But I have also moments in which I’m sad or angry. I give you a strong hug and I’m thinking about you!