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Acupuncture for nausea and stomach pain after chemo

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      A reputable acupuncture doctor was recommended to me by co-workers who either used her services themselves or for their families.
      After my first round of carboplatin/taxol I had nausea and severe stomach pain so I had to take multiple medications. Acupuncture helped me to the point that after my second round of chemo I did not use any medications, only sea-bands on my wrists (just in case)!
      The doctor’s name is Yi Ping Hu, she specializes in cancer patients support, she sees patients in Bethesda, MD three days a week and in and Washington DC two days a week. Also, she accepts my insurance UHC/PPO.
      My next chemo is March 15, will post the updated info after that.
      Hope this will be helpful for people who live in DC Metro area.

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      I’m glad you found an acupuncturist. It can be so beneficial!

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