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      I was diagnosed April, 2017 with uterine cancer – carcinosarcoma. I had a total hysterectomy at the end of April. The biopsy showed that we had caught the tumor early and was contained in the uterus – nothing was found any where else. I was diagnosed at 1A level of cancer. Although we caught the tumor early, my readings online at that point said that chemotherapy was a necessity with this type of cancer. From May until September I received chemo treatments every three weeks. I had a scan at the end of September. I am currently cancer free. I go every two months for checkups and have scans every three months. I understand from what I have read that this cancer is very aggressive and likely to come back even though we caught it at an early stage.

      I discovered this site in December. It has been a blessing to me. Finding a group of people who are dealing with the same cancer has been an encouragement to me. I read each story and learn from what you post. Thank you each for posting and for your perseverance, Diane, in founding this site to help others.
      I am located in Jackson, MS.

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      We are slow to respond when getting to know this website!
      I hope you remain cancer free. It’s so nice to hear some good outcomes and keep that joy going thru your life!
      Linda Denne

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      Betty Halpern

      Ann thanks for sharing your story, you give me hope. Hope you continue to do well.

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      Thank you both for your words of encouragement! I continue to do well! I continue to monitor this website, too, to try to encourage others! It helped me so much to know there are others walking on this road with me.

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