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diagnosing for MMMT/GCS

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      Dan Zibman

      It will soon be six years since My Beloved Wife died from MMMT/GCS. I miss Her every moment of every day.
      Since there is so little R&D into treatment, and has been, I have been wondering about what is being done to find MMMT/GCS. If women were to be examined in such a way as to find this cancer in its early stages, then would that reduce the mortality?
      Lizzie first visited her gyn Dr in the spring of 2014 because she had what she thought was a yeast infection. The Dr agreed and prescribed the classic antibiotic treatment. This seemed to work.
      Then, in September, Lizzie knew something was wrong. Her gyn Dr scheduled an MRI and the tumors were found. Two operations, stage IV, initial chemo, then she seemed to be ok and rallied back to her energetic, beautiful self. But, more chem had to be done.
      In late April, 2016, everything fell apart. My Darling died 18 May 2016.
      So, I wonder, would early detection have made a difference? Hence, what types of exams make sense to find MMMT/GCS early? Should such exams be routine like those for breast cancer?

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