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Go Fund Me for my mom

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      Johanna Denne


      Thank you so much for sharing your stories and continuing to advocate for research. This has been tremendously helpful for my mom, and it is how I located Dr. Santin. My mom will be sending him her information soon to see if there is hope for any clinical studies.

      Her Uterine carcinosarcoma has metastasized in her lungs. We will pursue treatment as long as her quality of life is not entirely diminished. She does however want to see the Grand Canyon before it is too late so my sister and I started a Go Fund Me to help with an RV rental from Denver, CO to the Grand Canyon. Any donation that exceeds our goal will be donated to the GCS Project.
      We appreciate your help.

      Linda Denne Legacy and GCS Fund

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      Just an update for the site.
      I’m still here to write this note. I’m Linda… the Mom! (another RN by the way… How weird is that?)
      My cancer has responded to ifosfamide significantly and has given me the gift of time. This is the standard chemo to use secondarily to the Carbo/Taxal regiment. As it is very toxic, where we go from here is a big question.

      My family had a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon with the go fund me site and are now proud to donate $11,500 to the cause.
      Thank you Johanna Denne for putting this all together!!!
      Let’s keep the faith!! Linda Denne

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