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Got GCS diagnosis October 1st, 6 months after the first diagnosis

GCS Project Home Forum EXPERIENCES WITH CARCINOSARCOMA Got GCS diagnosis October 1st, 6 months after the first diagnosis

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      Hello all,

      Just wanted to quickly share my story. Had a huge distended belly in April, we knew I had a problem within 12 hours, my GP sent me for a CT and discovered that I had tumors in my abdomen. Had ascites and they tested it to made the diagnosis that of Ovarian cancer. Went through 1 round of Taxol/Carbo felt like I was gonna die, went for 2nd round of Taxol/Carbo and went into shock, nurses revived me. Went on to complete an additional 4 rounds of Docetaxol/Carbo. Went to surgery September 15th but surgeon found this strange white layer throughout the pelvis. She abandoned an attempt at cytoreduction but she removed my ovary and part of my Omentum. The pathologists at my Utah hospital were uncertain of the diagnosis and send it out to the Dr. Young at Mass General. He determined it was Carcinasarcoma of the Ovary.

      My doctors my general local oncologist and my specialist at MD Anderson, all expressed their condolences for the diagnosis and offered more chemo.

      I decided that the surgical route was not given enough consideration and decided to look elsewhere. Thanks to this website, I am going with Dr. Whitfield Growdon of Mass General. If you have not seen the interviews available on this website, including those with Dr. Growdon and the late Diane Redington, you are missing out. He is just as nice and interested in my case as he appears. I had a 45 minute virtual appointment with Dr. Growdon last week and have a really good feeling about Dr. Growdon.

      No matter the outcome, this site has helped me. Never give up!

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      Quick update.

      Went to surgery at Massachusetts General with Dr. Whitfield Growdon. Surgery was a total success; he achieved 100% cytoreduction. If you have GYN cancer, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Dr. Whitfield. My story has completely changed due to his efforts.

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