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Keytruda & Lenvima

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      Hello. I was diagnosed with stage IVb metastatic in 01/2019. After surgery & hysterectomy, I went through 6 cycles of chemo. Cancer still there and growing. My new treatment will start next week, and it will consist of a combination of Keytruda & Lenvima (https://www.keytrudalenvimahcp.com/). Anybody have any experience with this treatment?

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      Hi Kelley,

      I finished frontline treatment on 1/21/20. I’m currently in remission but trying to stay in the loop for available options in the future if needed. I haven’t had experience with this combination, but please let me know how you feel and how it works for you.

      I will be sending good thoughts your way that this combo works well for you!

      All the best,


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