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The Grizzlies Fight Cancer

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      The Grizzlies are a hockey team who serve as the Farm Team for the Anaheim Ducks. The Grizzlies play in Salt Lake City. On Friday Night, Feb 23rd, the Grizzlies are playing to fight Cancer. For every $20 ticket we sell, the GCS Project will earn $5. An anonymous donor purchased 50 tickets and we are offering them for free to anyone who is interested.

      The GCS Project will also have a booth at the game to distribute information about GCS. We are eligible to participate in a raffle for a Grizzly Jersey signed by all the players. The proceeds for the raffle will go to the participating charities.

      If interested, shoot me an email and I will have tickets available for you.

      I realize that there are just of few of you in the area but I wanted to make you aware of our fundraising efforts.

      Matt Buchta

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