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Treatment / prevention of neuropathy

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      We are using melatonin and Omega 3 to try and stave off neuropathy during chemotherapy with Carboplatin/Paclitaxel.

      This is based on some results referenced in this paper: paper link

      So far after 2 rounds of Chemo symptoms are mild.. will have to see how things evolve.

      Whats your experience with neuropathy? How did it progress and what other preventive/treatment options did you try?

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      We did not do anything preventively and Karin did not have any symptoms until the start of the 6th cycle (week 16) and her symptoms are tingling in her toes and pads right below her toes.

      We were at MD Anderson in Houston this week for a second opinion and read about the use of Scrambler Therapy in which they have had promising results in decreasing pain and regaining sensation. See link below for podcast interview.


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      My mother is set to begin chemo in a couple of weeks. She already has neuropathy and the doctor feels like treatment may make it worse. They’re going to try one round with the carboplatin/taxol and see how it goes. Any updates on how preventative methods helped?

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      Heather Jernstad

      I would suggest drinking lots of water between tx…this has helped me immensely and have started a B Complex as well just in case.

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      alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-carnitine HCL with vit B 6 were advised for me.
      this was my 2nd go round with taxol, the first leaving me with neuropathies in the hands and arms. My second round (the first was with breast ca) using these supplements seemed to help me immensely. I tolerated the taxol and this time have almost no issues.
      linda denne

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      Josie Hueni

      I was diagnosed with the MMMT tumor Sept. 2017. I had a complete hysterectomy and resection colon above rectum. The surgery lasted 10 hours and he “picked” out everything else that he could see. My CA125 was 143 before surgery and dropped to 90 before Chemo. Carboplatin/Paclitaxel was the recommended first line of defense and I started 1 month after surgery. I
      took turkey tail, melatonin, D3, Omega 3, CoCurcumin, and massive amounts of water. I held cold water bottles in my hands and rolled cold bottles on my feet during infusion. I had no neuropathy. My side effects lasted form day 3-5 after infusion. (Knee pain, occasional rash and constipation) My last cycle was end of Feb. and CA125 dropped to 6. I was thankful and trilled but of course the beast came back 2 months later! CA125 is 184. They are ready to start round 2 of the same chemo as they felt it was working the first time. My age is 64.

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      I am so sorry that the beast came back. the good news I hope, is that another round of chemo will keep it at bay and give you time. But you are right to call this cancer a beast. I was diagnosed last August actually hoping for a cure as was a stage 1B. the carboplatin/taxol did not work for me and it came back with a vengeance to my lungs. I have been on ifosfamide and will be getting the ever so frightening scan tomorrow to see if that chemo may give me time.
      Will let the people on this site know my outcome and please stay with us and do the same. We can hope and pray and please know that you have a friend on this site!
      Btw…I have been twice on taxol. (had breast cancer in 2015) and the 2nd treatment actually seemed to cure my neuropathy from the 1st time… how crazy is that????

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      Linda – did you have any issues with ifosfamide treatment?

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