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Tumor Tissue Samples Needed

It's time for your participation in the research.

Mass General Cancer Center is seeking fresh or frozen tumor samples.

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Research Results are Coming In & How You Can Help

A Place for Help & Hope

This is a website about GYN Carcinosarcoma (GCS) also known as MMMT. GCS is a carcinosarcoma that begins in the female reproductive tract and includes ovarian, uterine or fallopian tube as primary sites.

I was diagnosed with an ovarian/uterine carcinosarcoma in April 2015. As I searched for information and resources to understand and manage this disease, I found very little that was helpful or hopeful. A year later, I have found much to be hopeful about. The purpose of this project is to share this information with others diagnosed with this rare cancer and raise funds to uncover the cure.

This is a rare cancer. There is currently little to no research dedicated to finding a cure for GCS/MMMT. For the first time, Dr. Michael Birrer and his brilliant team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center will focus on MMMT research and its cure. It will take a community of people to make this happen. My dream is to harness the power of the people I love, the people who are affected by this disease, and the medical community to discover the next game-changing breakthrough to cure this disease.

This is a site of Hope and Help for women who have this cancer and for their families, friends and anyone else interested in this disease.

~ Diane Redington

Remembering Holly Dunn

On November 14th, 2016, the world lost singer-songwriter Holly Dunn to GYN Carcinosarcoma.

In Memory of Holly


  • Never Never Never Give Up.
    Winston Churchill
  • If you think winning isn't everything you've never beat cancer.
    Author Unknown
  • She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, She adjusted her sails.
    Author Unknown
  • Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and Never, EVER Giving up Hope.
    Author Unknown

How to Help

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Your ENTIRE donation will be directed to the GCS Project. Your gift goes into a restricted fund that will be spent ONLY on research to find a cure for MMMT.

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