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Why There is HOPE

With the help and support of the GCS patient and stakeholder community, The GCS Project is making strides in advancing awareness, research, collaboration, and community building.

In just 18 months, research into the genetic sequencing and mutations of a sample of primary and secondary site GCS tumors is nearly complete at Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with the Broad Institute. We anticipate the results to be published by the end of Q1, 2018. The goal of the research is to find treatments and ultimately a cure.  

We are raising money specifically to fund a clinical trial solely dedicated to GCS in 2018. We are working closely with Michael Birrer, MD and his team at the University of Alabama, Birmingham to launch a clinical trial this year. We also continue to scour the research landscape for other clinical trial opportunities. We will keep the community posted on this very important and urgent area as progress merits.

We have identified deep clinical expertise in three medical centers across the country as well as in the UK. This is critical, as most physicians see very few if any GCS cases, so patients are sometimes not offered the latest treatments.  Multiple consultations often yield multiple options, which can lead to additional stress and uncertainty. This list of experts will continue to grow as our GCS patients add their experiences to the Forum for the benefit of others. We anticipate a significant expansion of our knowledge base in 2018 as we expand our community, knowledge of clinical expertise, and hopefully, the launch of at least one clinical trial.

Through the website we are hearing from women and their families from all over the world. Our goal is to galvanize action not just in the US but globally. With more awareness comes more resources to help with fundraising, research, clinical trials, and ultimately a cure.

We see this as only the beginning. We hope you will continue to join us on this journey of exploration, hope, and ultimately, clinical results.

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