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What is Gynecological Carcinosarcoma?

Gynecological Carcinosarcoma (GCS) is a rare and aggressive cancer found primarily in the ovaries and uterus and can also originate in the fallopian tubes and vagina. GCS, is also known as MMMT or malignant mixed Müllerian tumor. Carcinosarcoma is unique in that it contains two types of cells; carcinomatous (epithelial tissue) and sarcomatous (connective tissue). GCS is rare. Fewer than 1,000 cases of GCS are diagnosed each year. Because carcinosarcoma is so rare, there has been limited research or clinical trials that focus on GCS. Unfortunately, this is where the cures will be found. Little or no research results in no cures or effective treatments for us. In order for us to have a fighting chance, we must aggressively support new and ongoing research so that Not One More Woman Will Die from this rotten cancer.

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Just Diagnosed

Hi, my name is Margaret, I just had a biopsy that resulted in a carcinosarcoma diagnosis, I am having a complete hysterectomy on Friday, tomorrow. The CT scan did not reveal any spreading of the cancer. The mass measured about the size of a grape 2 weeks ago. I have been given no information on […]

Coping with a GCS Diagnosis

I’ve wound up sharing my UCS experience on social media more than I had expected. After completing the carboplatin/taxil regime, we began Doxil. I’ve had four Doxil infusions with mixed results thus far. The one mass that so rapidly impacted my jejunum has gone rogue and is not responding to Doxil, while the pelvic masses […]

Benita Cannane Memorial 5k

Benita, known to her family as Mammy, suffered from a very rare and aggressive form of Ovarian Cancer called Gynecological Carcinosarcoma (GCS). She was diagnosed in October, 2012 and she passed away six years later in November, 2018 after enduring untold anguish. In memory of Mammy, we invite you to join us in the 1st […]

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