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What is Gynecological Carcinosarcoma?

Gynecological Carcinosarcoma (GCS) is a rare and aggressive cancer found primarily in the ovaries and uterus and can also originate in the fallopian tubes and vagina. GCS, is also known as MMMT or malignant mixed Müllerian tumor. Carcinosarcoma is unique in that it contains two types of cells; carcinomatous (epithelial tissue) and sarcomatous (connective tissue). GCS is rare. Fewer than 1,000 cases of GCS are diagnosed each year. Because carcinosarcoma is so rare, there has been limited research or clinical trials that focus on GCS. Unfortunately, this is where the cures will be found. Little or no research results in no cures or effective treatments for us. In order for us to have a fighting chance, we must aggressively support new and ongoing research so that Not One More Woman Will Die from this rotten cancer.

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Expert consult relevant after therapy?

I was diagnosed in August and had a full hysterectomy three weeks later. The cancer was contained– Stage 1B and supposedly gone but I had to do a chemo sweep and will be doing radiation next. I am wondering about the value of a medical consult with Dr Birrer after radiation therapy has been completed? […]

GCS at 47. Diet and herbal support?

I got diagnosed with GCS in early August 2019, a few days before my 47th birthday. I had a laparoscopic operation at Kaiser Permanente in SF last Sept. 11 where I went home the same day of my surgery. The cancer cells were taken out and appeared contained. I asked about the stage and the […]

Rare Diseases Day – February 29, 2020

Rare Diseases Day is this Saturday! I shared the GCSProject website link with family and friends on my Facebook page. Are there any events planned to raise awareness? Thanks, Mona Uterine CS Stage 4B Diagnosed October, 2019 Rare Diseases Day

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